How to Build Confidence from your Dietetic Internship and Beyond

Insecure about your knowledge or skills as a dietitian? Unsure if you’re good enough for the job you landed? Feeling inadequate because you don’t think you’re as smart/outgoing/experienced as your fellow interns or mentors? I feel you! I used to believe confidence was an innate quality (i.e., confident people are magical beings that enter theContinue reading “How to Build Confidence from your Dietetic Internship and Beyond”

No Dream Job? No Problem.

I’ve always been a planner. I look up restaurant menus online before going out to eat, pack my lunch and gym bag the night before, and set countless reminders on my phone for everything from paying bills to remembering to respond to emails. Needless to say, entering the real world after graduating my dietetic internshipContinue reading “No Dream Job? No Problem.”

Lessons from My First Year as a Dietitian

I remember a distinct moment in my childhood when I was about four years old, sitting outside on the driveway, taking in the scenery of the houses across the cul-de-sac with their lovely trees and flowers and perfect landscaping. I thought about those people in those houses, all grown up with accomplished lives, and IContinue reading “Lessons from My First Year as a Dietitian”

Exploring Food Cravings

You know the drill. You are going about your day as usual: wake up, eat, get dressed, drive to work or school, converse with colleagues, eat, check social media… Then, seemingly out of nowhere, your brain is fixated on a desire for a certain (usually deemed “unhealthy”) food. Your mouth begins to salivate as youContinue reading “Exploring Food Cravings”

Let’s Get Real: The Untold Stories of Social Media Posts

February 26th – March 4th, 2018 is National Eating Disorders Awareness week. This year’s theme is “Let’s Get Real.” Read more about the campaign and how you can get involved here. A picture is worth a thousand words. Every picture tells a story; however, it may not always be the story we assume, especially inContinue reading “Let’s Get Real: The Untold Stories of Social Media Posts”

Self-Care for the Holidays

Incorporating self-care can be difficult anytime of the year. Throw in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and it becomes even trickier. If you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season, check out these five simple tips that help me practice self-care throughout the holidays and beyond. Be the customer and the provider.Continue reading “Self-Care for the Holidays”

The Trouble with the (Learning) Curve

Also on the Huffington Post: There are few things that soothe my soul quite like a trip to the ballpark. It’s a place I associate with freedom and simplicity, one that grips my senses — sight, smell, taste, sound — and forces me to be completely present. The expansive, seemingly endless field of perfectly groomedContinue reading “The Trouble with the (Learning) Curve”

An Open Letter from Your Body

Despite all of the evidence stacked against dieting, it is still promoted in so many different manifestations. Diets, meal plans, and food rules are so alluring because they are often sold with a promise of happiness, acceptance, control, and success. In reality, nutritious, health-promoting dietary patterns look different for all people, but they all possessContinue reading “An Open Letter from Your Body”

Fear, My Trusty Sidekick

Featured on Huffington Post: Reading through my notes on my iPhone this morning, I found a passage I wrote to myself on the June day that I drove to Massachusetts to sign my apartment lease. That eight-hour trip to the new world I would soon inhabit left me speechless, tearful, queasy, and irritable. Discovering thisContinue reading “Fear, My Trusty Sidekick”

Finding Gratitude Amongst the New Year’s Resolutions

Featured on Huffington Post:   I’m laying on the couch at 11:42 pm on a Tuesday night, wrapped in a Slanket (the gloriously soft and pocket-filled QVC version of a Snuggie), with Starship Troopers playing on the TV. I haven’t paid much attention to the movie, aside from a brief glance in which I noticed an appearanceContinue reading “Finding Gratitude Amongst the New Year’s Resolutions”