Four Assumptions about Weight, Health, and Eating that We Need to Extinguish

Featured on the Mindful Monday blog series on the “Nutrition with Jenny” blog site: With a roughly $60 billion dieting industry, increased reports of body dissatisfaction, and endless attempts to lose weight, it’s clear that people in 21st century America are obsessed with appearance and dieting (1-4). Is this obsession warranted, or does the researchContinue reading “Four Assumptions about Weight, Health, and Eating that We Need to Extinguish”

An Open Letter from Your Body

Despite all of the evidence stacked against dieting, it is still promoted in so many different manifestations. Diets, meal plans, and food rules are so alluring because they are often sold with a promise of happiness, acceptance, control, and success. In reality, nutritious, health-promoting dietary patterns look different for all people, but they all possessContinue reading “An Open Letter from Your Body”

Finding Gratitude Amongst the New Year’s Resolutions

Featured on Huffington Post:   I’m laying on the couch at 11:42 pm on a Tuesday night, wrapped in a Slanket (the gloriously soft and pocket-filled QVC version of a Snuggie), with Starship Troopers playing on the TV. I haven’t paid much attention to the movie, aside from a brief glance in which I noticed an appearanceContinue reading “Finding Gratitude Amongst the New Year’s Resolutions”

How My Body Became a Manifestation of a Life I Love

Featured on Huffington Post: Many spiritual and religious teachings focus on — for a lack of a better term — going with the flow. Work hard, eat, drink, and be merry. Whatever will be, will be. As many humans can probably relate to, letting go of control is, and always has been, difficult for me.Continue reading “How My Body Became a Manifestation of a Life I Love”

Lessons from a Journey Back to Intuitive Eating

Featured on Huffington Post: While discussing childhood nutrition in my undergraduate lifecycle nutrition class, I remember being so surprised at the simplicity of Ellyn Satter’s teachings about eating. According to Satter, a child should never be forced to eat or not eat, but rather should learn to listen to their body’s internal eating cues. TheContinue reading “Lessons from a Journey Back to Intuitive Eating”