What clients are saying

I worked with Talia as a 1:1 nutrition coach over the course of a few months. Talia has a nonjudgmental approach to nutrition, and has supported me with developing healthy relationships with food. She provided knowledge and guidance to optimize my nutrition, especially as I trained for weightlifting competitions. Her coaching has improved my overall health and wellness!
Cecilia S.
Sports nutrition client
Talia gave me a plan that was clear and easy to follow with lots of choices. During my training I was able to try out lots of new options to find something that worked for me. Even through my training runs it became clear that the plan was making a difference - I was able to easily increase my effort without feeling like I was going to collapse. By the time race day rolled around, I knew exactly what I needed and when and was able to finish strong.
Amy G.
Race Day prep program client
Talia was great to work with. She made sure to answer any and all questions I had and made sure that the experience of working with her worked with my lifestyle and schedule. Working with her has made all the difference in how I feel and how I approach planning my diet. Thank you Talia!!!
Rebekka D.
Intuitive eating client
Talia is great. She understands my struggles and how toxic my relationship with food has been. She is helping me navigate this in a way that is attainable and complementary to my lifestyle. Working with her is changing my relationship with food for the better.
Elizabeth C.
Intuitive eating client
Diet culture killed my relationship with food and my body at a young age and this time, I won’t go through it again. Choosing to work with Talia has been such a great decision. I absolutely cannot recommend her services enough.
Adrian M.
Intuitive eating client
I came to Talia with GI complaints and saw results! Talia is an incredible dietitian and really helped me to create better eating habits. She always took her time with me, asked great questions, and had helpful suggestions. She is so kind--I highly recommend!
Meg C.
Ibs client
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