To the Person Who Wants to Know — “How Should I Eat?”

To every person who has ever asked me how they should eat: Let me start with an apology. I’m sorry that I don’t have a simple answer to your question. I want to help you, but as a dietitian, I know that healthy eating is not something you learn from a book or an InstagramContinue reading “To the Person Who Wants to Know — “How Should I Eat?””

How to Build Confidence from your Dietetic Internship and Beyond

Insecure about your knowledge or skills as a dietitian? Unsure if you’re good enough for the job you landed? Feeling inadequate because you don’t think you’re as smart/outgoing/experienced as your fellow interns or mentors? I feel you! I used to believe confidence was an innate quality (i.e., confident people are magical beings that enter theContinue reading “How to Build Confidence from your Dietetic Internship and Beyond”

No Dream Job? No Problem.

I’ve always been a planner. I look up restaurant menus online before going out to eat, pack my lunch and gym bag the night before, and set countless reminders on my phone for everything from paying bills to remembering to respond to emails. Needless to say, entering the real world after graduating my dietetic internshipContinue reading “No Dream Job? No Problem.”

Work with your Body to Enjoy your #HolidayEats, Guilt-Free

The holiday season is here, and it wouldn’t be complete without lavish dinners, potlucks with friends, and festive happy hours. While everyone has their own methods, self-control often precedes the indulgence of holiday treats at these gatherings, manifesting as behaviors such as skipping meals or skimping on calories — only to throw all caution toContinue reading “Work with your Body to Enjoy your #HolidayEats, Guilt-Free”

Questions a Dietitian asks about Game of Thrones: How do the characters have such nice teeth?

About 1.5 seasons into Game of Thrones, it occurred to me that most of the characters have nice teeth. I didn’t notice many instances of missing or rotting teeth or hear characters complaining about smelly breath or toothaches. Was the show being inaccurate by failing to manipulate the actors’ teeth to reflect poor dental hygiene?Continue reading “Questions a Dietitian asks about Game of Thrones: How do the characters have such nice teeth?”

Lessons from My First Year as a Dietitian

I remember a distinct moment in my childhood when I was about four years old, sitting outside on the driveway, taking in the scenery of the houses across the cul-de-sac with their lovely trees and flowers and perfect landscaping. I thought about those people in those houses, all grown up with accomplished lives, and IContinue reading “Lessons from My First Year as a Dietitian”

Questions a Dietitian asks about Game of Thrones: Human Starvation & Refeeding Syndrome

While studying for my registered dietitian exam last summer, I was also catching up on Game of Thrones – a combo that had me asking a lot of nutritional science questions regarding the middle ages. My first stems from the very beginning of the series. At the end of the pilot episode, Bran Stark discoversContinue reading “Questions a Dietitian asks about Game of Thrones: Human Starvation & Refeeding Syndrome”

Embracing the Gray

Nutrition is a topic in which it’s easy to fall into dichotomous thinking (i.e. — seeing things as “black & white”), and the gray area is often lost in today’s world of information overload. While I could compile a lengthy list of examples, two of the most popular dichotomous nutrition statements that I hear/read asContinue reading “Embracing the Gray”

Quick & Easy Veggie Fajita Bowls

Short on time, but still hoping to cook a nutritious meal? Frozen vegetables are a great solution! They contain all of the same beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fiber as fresh vegetables, making them just as nutritious. Since they are pre-washed and chopped, they have the added benefit of a decreased prep time. When selecting frozenContinue reading “Quick & Easy Veggie Fajita Bowls”

Exploring Food Cravings

You know the drill. You are going about your day as usual: wake up, eat, get dressed, drive to work or school, converse with colleagues, eat, check social media… Then, seemingly out of nowhere, your brain is fixated on a desire for a certain (usually deemed “unhealthy”) food. Your mouth begins to salivate as youContinue reading “Exploring Food Cravings”